Showcasing Luxembourg: A Korean Perspective through LuxKo's Vlog Production Process

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Luxembourg, the tiny country in the heart of Europe, is known for its stable economy, high living standards, and strategic location. For businesses looking to expand their operations, it's an ideal destination. That's why wanted to showcase the country in a vlog.

LuxKo is a Luxembourg-based company that helps Korean companies expand into Europe. LuxKo was founded by two Korean entrepreneurs, who wanted to help their fellow countrymen succeed in the European market.

The mission of LuxKo is simple: we make it easier for Korean companies to do business in Europe. We do this by providing legal advice and support for setting up businesses in Luxembourg, as well as connecting them with other local partners who can help them get started on their journey abroad.

The LuxKo team reached out to us to help produce the vlog, which would be entirely in Korean. We were excited to take on the project, but we knew there would be challenges. One of the biggest obstacles was the language barrier. None of our team members spoke Korean, and we knew that we would need to have accurate translations for the vlog to be effective.

To overcome this challenge, we turned to AI-based transcription and translation tools. We recorded the interviews in Korean and uploaded them to our AI-powered software. Within a few seconds, we had accurate transcriptions and translations of the interviews. This allowed us to move forward with the production process without any delays.

The vlog was shot over one day in Luxembourg with Semi, the founder of LuxKo. We wanted to showcase the beauty of the country and highlight its key selling points for businesses. The stunning imagery of Luxembourg City serves as an excellent backdrop for this video, which highlights some of the many benefits of bringing Korean companies to Luxembourg.

We visited some of the cities most iconic landmarks. Luckily the weather was perfect. The footage we captured was breathtaking, and we were confident that it would help attract Korean companies to Luxembourg.

After the footage was captured, we began editing the vlog. We worked closely with Semi to ensure that the final product met her expectations and accurately represented LuxKo's message. The vlog was completed within days of the shoot, thanks to the efficiency of our AI-based transcription and translation tools.

We wanted this video to be more than just another promotional piece for LuxKo; we wanted it to help people understand why this project matters so much for both Korea and Luxembourg as well as give them an idea of what kind of work goes into creating something like this from start to finish.

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