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Are you sure you can perform adequately in front of a camera during a webinar, hybrid event or interview situation? Media competence is today an essential skill that you need to master to perfection. We will coach your team to master these skills hands up
Rely on our extensive experience handling hundreds of interviews, public speaking and more.
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Maximizing Your Media Presence
Our Coaching Program for Becoming a Camera-Ready Communicator
Over the last 20 years we have conducted literally hundreds of interviews. All kinds of people have been in front of our camera. People distributing the newspaper in the morning, workers, heads of states, bank directors, ministers, European Commissioners, and so many more. We have seen people excel and others struggle. We have seen people doing everything right and others doing everything wrong. And we helped wherever we could. All this experience is now at your service.

We'll provide guidance on body language, communication, presentation style and more. You'll be given exercises and tips to help you become more familiar with the camera and microphone. We'll review video recordings of your practice sessions and provide feedback and pointers to enhance your performance.

You'll also learn how to present your company, brand and yourself in the best way possible. We can provide advice on how to use storytelling to your advantage and how to create content that is impactful and memorable.

Our media coaching program is tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We'll work together to ensure that you and your team become confident and comfortable whenever the camera is rolling.

At the end of the coaching program, you'll see immediate results and walk away with the confidence and experience needed to be a camera ready communicator. You'll be able to take this knowledge with you for the rest of your career and be the one in charge of your media presence.

We are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. Let's work together to create the best version of you, today!

Module 1:

Interview types

Prepare for a wide range of interview types, from the more traditional media interviews to cutting-edge media appearances. Traditional media interviews include one-on-one interviews with media personalities or journalists, or studio interviews where several media personalities and/or journalists are present.

Module 2:

Basic knowledge about video, sound and light

We help media interviewees learn the basics of video, sound, and light.  Video production involves many components that are essential for a successful media interview - cameras, microphones, lighting, editing software and more. Having a basic understanding of these components is key to ensuring media interviews come across as professional and polished.

Module 3:

How to prepare for an interview

Media interviews can be an intimidating prospect, but with proper preparation any media interviewee can feel confident and in control. The key is to plan ahead so that media interviewees are well-prepared for their media appearance.

Module 4:

How to rehearse

Rehearsing for media interviews is an important step in media coaching. It can help media interviewees become more comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and it can also help media interviewees remember their media message better and deliver it in a more polished way.

Module 5:

How to dress

Dressing for media interviews is important, as it affects how media interviewees are perceived. It’s important to dress appropriately for media interviews in order to convey confidence and professionalism. We provide guidance on how to dress for media interviews.

Module 6:

During the interview

Media interviews can be an intimidating prospect, but with proper preparation any media interviewee can feel confident and in control. The key is to plan ahead so that media interviewees are well-prepared for their media appearance.

Module 7:

Where to look

Where you look during an interview is just as important as what you say. It can have a big impact on how media personalities and journalists perceive media interviewees, whether media interviewees come across as confident or not, and how media interviews are perceived by the viewers.

Module 8:

How to answer

During media interviews, media personalities and journalists are there to get the story, so media interviewees should be prepared with their media message and media strategies.

Module 9:

Using a prompter

Teleprompters are devices that display a script or lines of text in front of the camera lens so media interviewees can read them while being interviewed. We provide media coaching on how to use teleprompters for media interviews and how to avoid common mistakes.


Take it to the next level with our video-interview coaching! Learn all the tips and tricks to help you and your brand shine in your next video-interview


With this coaching, you'll be able to take your webinar-participation to the next level in no time! Establish yourself as a thought leader and shine bright.

Hybrid Events

Are you ready to take your presence at virtual and hybrid events to the next level? Give your appearance the professional edge it needs!

starter coaching

Our one hour coaching to assess specific demands and refreshers.
You have a media-appearance coming up? Make sure you are ready!

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Three sessions of one hour each to get you ready.  We'll cover various aspects such as what to say, how to say it and how to move in front of the camera.

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Group-coaching, bespoke training sessions and all you need to get yourself or your team on track to shine in front of every camera.

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