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We are speczialized in corporate video-production and coaching.
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Your partner for coaching and corporate video-production
We produce corporate videos and provide coaching since 2001

Welcome to media6, your one-stop shop for all your corporate video needs as well as expert coaching!

Over the years, companies such as Post Luxembourg, Deloitte, European Investment Bank, European Parliament, Global Facilities, PwC and so many more have worked with us on various projects.

At media65 we strive to create high-quality, engaging and effective corporate videos for our clients. We are experienced professionals who provide comprehensive video production services including scripting, filming, editing, and final delivery. We strive for the best quality for our clients and are dedicated to ensuring that their videos are of the highest quality and meet their expectations.

We are also proud to offer a comprehensive coaching service to our clients, providing in-depth training and executive coaching in areas such as media-training, speech coaching, and more. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals and to assist them in becoming the best version of themselves.

At media65 we have been proudly providing corporate video production and coaching services since 2001. We believe that effective communication is an essential tool for success and strive to ensure that our videos and coaching services are as effective as possible.

We invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and to discuss how we can create an effective corporate video for your company or how we can efficiently coach your team.
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Your events deserve the extra visibility and sustainability by adding a live-stream


Give your company a face and position yourself as a thought leader in a highly competitive environment


Speaking in front of a camera or an audience is today a crucial skill. We help you to excel in this discipline