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You are hosting an event. That's great. How many people will attend? 20, 50, maybe 100+? How could you extend the lifespan of your event and leverage all the hard work you had been putting into the organization of that event? You guessed right: an event video will be the best foundation to efficiently market your event way beyond the physical limits your event imposes.

An event video is the perfect way to capture not just the event's visuals, but also its purpose and impact. It's a powerful tool that can be used both on- and offline to attract leads, generate visibility and more. Plus, if you produce an event video with an entertaining twist like funny comments or witty remarks, it will easily draw people’s attention and be remembered.

When putting together event videos, it's important to remember the event's purpose and target audience. The event video will showcase what happened at the event, but you should also make sure that it appeals to viewers beyond those who attended the event. If you can get your message across in a concise, interesting and engaging way, you will have achieved your event's goal.

The key to event videos that really convert is to capture the event's energy in a creative fashion and use it to reel in more leads and generate visibility. The best event videos are those that draw viewers in, excite them about the event's purpose and motivate them to take action.

How to impress with an event video?

To impress viewers with an event video, it's important to do more than just show off the event's visuals; the video should also tell a compelling story. A well-crafted event video should include interviews with attendees, organizers, speakers, etc., to let viewers get a feel for the event's atmosphere and purpose. If possible, the video could also include footage of the event itself, including highlights, to give viewers a taste of what the event was like.

Example video: A good example of a dynamic event video that focuses largely on statements

The video's storytelling should focus on the outcome of the event, not just the event's visuals and activities. Showing how the event affected the attendees, speakers, and organizer beyond the event's physical limits will help the viewers understand the video's purpose and make it more engaging for those who did not attend the event. You can use music and sound effects to enhance the video and make it more entertaining, and you can also use graphics and animation to convey the story in a clear and visually appealing way.

It's also important to ensure that the event video is optimized for the platform it will be viewed on. For example, if it will be viewed primarily on social media, ensure the video is no longer than one minute, and if it will be posted on a website, ensure it's not more than five minutes. This will help ensure that viewers will be hooked right away and will be more likely to engage with the video.

Why short statements are crucial for an event

Short statements are crucial for an event video because they provide a concise, reliable way of communicating to attendees and potential customers. Event videos should be entertaining as well as informative, and short statements help to combine these two elements in a way that appeals to viewers. Short statements can also be easily shared over social media platforms, which increases their reach and reach potential customers that may not have even been aware of the event. Short statements highlight the event's purpose and draw viewers in, making them want to learn more about the event. By succinctly summarizing what happened at the event, and what viewers can expect, it's easier to convey the event's message in a meaningful way.

Example video: this event video lives from strong images and interesting statements

Short statements are better than long interviews in event videos because they are more direct and to the point. Long interviews can be time-consuming and may not contain the exact message or story you want to convey. Short statements are brief, concise and easy to digest. They are also direct and can be shared more widely over social media than long interviews. Short statements can help capture the spirit of the event and provide a solid foundation to build a compelling video that viewers can easily relate to. Additionally, short statements are more versatile and can be edited and rearranged to suit a particular purpose or target audience. By using short statements, the event video can be more creative and engaging, leading to a more successful video overall.

How media65 produces event videos

When we produce an event video we work with lightweigt but high quality gear. We make sure the visuals are impressive and the sound is captured in the best way possible.

When producing an event video, it is important to use the right equipment. Lightweight but high-quality gear can provide stunning visuals and excellent sound quality for the final product.

The lightweight gear used for event videos typically consists of a small digital camera, a tripod, and several microphones. The camera should have powerful features such as time-lapse and slow-motion, as well as manual controls for adjusting the exposure and white balance. This will allow the videographer to get the best footage possible, as well as make corrections as needed.

The microphone is essential for capturing audio. For most event videos, a lavalier microphone is usually the best choice. This is a small, lapel-mounted microphone that can be clipped to the speaker’s clothing. It captures audio clearly and is designed to be unobtrusive and easily hidden. Along with the lavalier, we also use shotgun microphones as needed.

A visually appealing setting will make the event video look great

The tripod is an essential piece of equipment as it ensures that the camera remains stable and secure throughout the video. Usually, a lightweight, compact tripod will be sufficient. But if shooting in low light or with a long lens, a heavier, more robust tripod can be used to ensure stability and reduce camera shake.

In addition to that a one hand gimbal adds stabilized shots that are characterized by their fluid motion. This fluid motion is achieved with smooth pans, tilts and slides, eliminating any shaking or jerking movements that can occur when hand holding a camera. With a one hand gimbal you can achieve a professional-grade shot, perfect for dynamic event videos. With their easy-to-use design and advanced features, one hand gimbals make it easy to take your videos to the next level.

Having the right equipment is the first step to producing an event video that meets the highest standards. The combination of lightweight and high-quality gear is necessary to capture stunning visuals, clear audio, and ensure the final product is perfect.

An event video is worth nothing without marketing it

An event video can be an effective tool to spread the word about your event and attract potential attendees, but without proper marketing it won’t have the same impact. It’s important to share the event video across various platforms like social media, email, websites and more. Additionally, be sure to use relevant keywords that appeal to your target audience to increase the chances of your event video being seen by the right people. It’s also important to promote the video on other websites, like review sites, and use as much free promotion as possible.

Using a combination of organic and paid promotion can also be effective in getting your event video seen. Paid promotion ensures your event video will be seen by a larger audience and can result in more leads and more conversions. However, organic promotion, like word-of-mouth, can be equally as effective in getting an audience to watch and share the video. Taking advantage of influencers to spread the word about your event can also be an effective way to drive more traffic to your event video.

The impact of event videos vs blogs

An event video is an equally powerful lead-generator than a blog because it has the potential to reach a much larger audience. With an event video, you have the ability to reach people who may not have seen the blog or even heard about the event. Additionally, event videos have a much more captivating and engaging quality than a blog post, and they can be shared more widely on social media, resulting in more leads and conversions. Additionally, an event video can be more memorable and easily remembered, while a blog post can easily be forgotten. Event videos can be personalized and tailored to your target audience, making it easier to connect with people and draw them in. An event video also has the potential to capture the event’s atmosphere and purpose in an entertaining and engaging way, making it much more likely to be viewed and shared. Finally, event videos are more cost-effective than blogs, and they can be repurposed and reused for future events, giving you even more bang for your buck.

In conclusion, creating an event video can be a great tool to extend the lifespan of your event. As long as you’re leveraging both organic and paid marketing, as well as using relevant keywords to reach the right people, your event video can help to attract more visitors and generate more interest in your event.

More information: https://www.media65.lu/about/event-videos

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