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About us:

media65 has been founded in 2001 by Peter Pöhle. Since than we gained an excellent reputation in the market for video production. Clients like the Luxembourgish Gouvernement, ACL, Chronopost, Post Luxembourg and many others trust in our services.

Productions are always a collaboration between the client and us. The client is fully involved in the production process and kept informed at every stage of the project. Because at the end: it’s a great thing to produce a video, isn’t it?

We are specialized in corporate and institutional films. We also produce high quality event videos.

We will guide you through the whole production process:

  • Conception: you tell us what your expectations are and we will translate them into concepts, scripts, storyboards …
  • Pre-Production: planning the production is essential for success. We establish a production schedule, we scout the locations.
  • Production: Every film has to be esthetic and at the same time match (or better: exceed) the expectations of the client. That’s why we use top-equipment and our talent to produce stunning visuals
  • Postproduction: No good film without good editing. Music, visuals, animations, effects. Here it all comes together.
  • Mastering: Long time gone the days of VHS. Today we provide your film in a variety of formats from Blu-Ray, DVD, Youtube, Internet to other formats.